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So we heard from somebody from St J's that they had found Ruffles All-Dressed Chips locally. That is a long-time Canadian favorite, now available down here. I went online and found the listing of which stores have it… or, rather which stores have sold it within the last 30 days. And found a number of local locations. One of which was a Wawa near H's office. We had been there recently (and I actually looked at the Ruffles flavors that time) and not seen it, but it was convenient so we tried it again. With no luck.

But just across the parking lot was a Walmart Neighborhood Market. And it was also on the list. So we went in and fairly quickly found what I was looking for.

And then we headed to the checkout.

And H chooses checkout line 1. And it made some sense. Of the open lines, it had the shortest line. But I wouldn't have chosen that line. And events would later confirm to me that I should have trusted my intuition.

Because after standing there a couple of seconds, I hear the young child just ahead of us in a loud child's speaking voice "Mom, there's a boy dressed like a girl," with the last part of that slightly drowned out by the mother trying to quiet her child. And I kind of want to melt into the floor. I had been looking at the other lines already, so I went with "pretend not to hear it" as a reaction, especially because i couldn't hear enough to tell what type of correction the child might be receiving. And we moved over to the self-checkout.

Even though I haven't had any experiences like this before, there is a reason why I wouldn't have chosen that line. I don't want to come up behind a young child with their parent, because of the possibility of an incident similar to this. Especially because I don't know whether the parent is going to use the opportunity to educate their child…and if so, whether that education will help the child engage with the world or only to teach them how not to embarrass their parents. And I don't feel that there's a helpful way for me to respond if the parent is not sending the right message to their child, when they are complete strangers to me.

As experiences go, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. But it was an illustrative one: that those feelings are there for a reason. I can survive if I disregard them, but there will be a price.

As for the chips? I ate half of the first bag last night (after our dinner plans fell through and we had to wait for delivery). And they were good. Despite the moment of wanting to sink into the floor.
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