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 I suppose I should pop in some time when my life doesn't feel like it's falling apart!

This morning, I'm actually feeling really good. The foot is not bothering me first thing this morning. It was some yesterday, so I'll still be taking it easy: do some normal day-to-day stuff...maybe find something where I can do a bit of walking around, but nothing with too much distance or speed. (And, of course, that plan may change, either because the foot starts bothering me again or because it's supposed to get up to around 90 degrees here today!)

No choir this week (which may help my anxiety level). There were too many people going to be away this week, so I asked at rehearsal before the service on Sunday, and everybody seemed to approve of skipping and having my wife play a flute solo instead of Sunday's choir anthem. Then we'll be back for two weeks, before taking July and August off.

Thursday night, the three of us head to an Elton John concert! It's a case where I wouldn't have felt the tickets were worth the cost. (Even though I like Elton John, I don't like him that much!) But they were purchased as an intended birthday gift for my stepson, and his sister and mother would both have gone with him. But he ended up getting a summer internship out-of-state, and so we ended up with a ticket for me (which I'm kind of glad about...I would have been a bit jealous if they got to see the concert and I didn't, even though I couldn't see the cost of a fourth ticket to have been worth it).

The only drawback is that it ruled out heading to Baltimore to see a baseball game. I thought with no rehearsal that it just might work out, and then saw that my Toronto Blue Jays would be in town! Perfect! But I would have been anxious about driving in an unfamiliar city (I have only been there once, and that was only an overnight trip.) And I would have been anxious about finding a hotel room and parking and getting to the game itself. The cost kept adding up. And then, when I looked for tickets for Friday night's game, there were only a handful of empty seats: and every empty seat I seemed to find was a single. (Since I only want one seat, that's technically doable, but especially on my own, I like a bit of personal space. If I was going with my wife, two seats would be fine, because I would expect that I could "encroach" on her seat, if I needed to stretch, etc.) Saturday's game had more seats available, but is a late afternoon game, and I don't really want to be worrying about leaving at 7pm on a four-hour drive home with work the next morning (especially when it will be with a supply priest, so it would be less easy to improvise should I not make it home for whatever reason).

So that was a bit of a bummer. I considered train and bus options, but between the cost and the concern about whether or not my foot would act up were both in my mind. I need a road trip soon, though. And I wonder if it will end up being a solo one, just because of calendar concerns and my wife's energy levels.

Yesterday was a mistake day on the diet front. First mistake: skipping breakfast. I love breakfast, so I only end up skipping it when time gets away from me. Yesterday was one of those days. So made plans to meet my wife for lunch (which we decided for Sonic, since it's close to her office). I had looked up the nutrition info and made a choice before I left home. But I didn't order it well...and I don't like correcting my order if I don't have to at the drive-thru (having spent a few years on the other side of the headset, I know that it can be a PITA to fix, depending on the POS system the restaurant uses). So when I realized he thought I was ordering a combo, I quickly tried to come up with a side. And made a poor choice. And then realized that the assumption was that I wanted both the side and the drink to be large. End result: my "side" was more calories than my sandwich, as I went from intending no side to eating a 650-calorie side. In a way, my two mistakes largely cancelled each other out. And I was left with enough calories available for a dinner that would satisfy me.
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