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So I watched the baseball game last night and my team won. Afterwards, not wanting to go to bed, I tried to watch a football game. But I got there right about halftime, and by the time play resumed, I realized that I didn't care about either team and didn't really want to watch. So, by lack of anything to do, rather than a desire to go to sleep, I went to bed sometime after 11:30 last night. (Usual for me is about 9pm, in the 8:00 to 9:30 range.)

It was not a good night for sleep. Because I was irritable, one of the cats was irritating me. I removed a couple of "improvised toys" that she shouldn't play with (or that made more noise than I wanted at that point). She did not sleep in her usual spot, but at the foot of the empty half of the bed. My first stint of sleep was only about 90 minutes long, and the AC noises were disturbing me. So I went around the house turning on lights and reassuring myself that the noises were just the AC system and not a problem. After making that check, I went back to bed, turned on some podcasts, but only played them for about five minutes before I felt like I could sleep again, and I slept until later than usual, into the 5am hour.

And I have felt ok today. I actually wanted to and did walk today, making three days in a row over 7,500 steps for the first time since August. I am trying to be good to myself and trying to not think about the things I can not do anything about.

I am also trying to think of something I might choose to eat that I wouldn't normally. I suspect that won't happen. But if I think of something, this would be the perfect time for something that perhaps Heather isn't as enthusiastic about. But I'm not sure if there's anything on this list that I would be enthusiastic enough about to go for.

But I am doing pretty well today. And I don't have the "everything annoys me" potentially sensory stuff bothering me like it did last night.
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