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Things are going well, despite the bumps which sometimes are all that come to my fingers when it comes time to write something.

Yesterday was another good day, with my treadmill including a bit of jogging into the mix. In yesterday's case, one minute of jogging out of every 20, plus every time my podcast changed, so probably 5 minutes of running out of a little more than an hour. I am not sure what today will bring. I would like to do some, but I am a little worried about overdoing things. Maybe if I can find the will power to only walk today. Or maybe it should be "try out a bike" day.

What there won't be is anything that requires much outdoor walking. It is supposed to be a wet day, with temperatures in the 30s but enough wind that the wind chill will be in the low 20s. The forecast makes me want to stay inside all day, but that's probably not a wise choice.

But yesterday, I got 3.5 miles in, enjoyed some podcasts. I've been playing with Sling, which I have been enjoying on our three-day trial. ESPN was the biggest thing I felt I was missing after we cut back our cable package to next-to-nothing (i.e. only the channels I could pull in with an antenna). We're paying $25 a month (once the week trial) ends for the combination of the base package and Sports Extra. And they've been announcing new channels coming soon that could scratch some other itches, depending on how they're packaged. I have had a few annoying technical issues, but I stared while it was still invitation-only, and they've only opened up to everybody within the past couple of days, so with the promise that it seems to hold (to be cable without as much rigidity as most cable packages), I am definitely willing to keep it for the first month to see whether the issues resolve themselves or if they are at a level I can cope with.

I got to the supermarket after lunch yesterday to pick up some breakfast essentials I had run out of, and was rewarded (as I finished up at the self-checkout) by the supervising employee wishing me a good day with a "ma'am" tacked on the end. After the restaurant on the weekend (where I got "sir"), it was a nice surprise. I need to figure out a better way of responding to those mistakes. So far, I have silently reacted. That is the most comfortable reaction in the moment, but probably not the best reaction in some circumstances.

I suspect that a lot of what I have been feeling is seasonal. Because the weather makes it easy to want to avoid going out. And then I probably make it worse by knowing that I used to manage to walk all over my hometown when there was snow on the ground. But I feel that experience doesn't serve me well for now, because what I would have worn back there would be overkill for here, and I don't have a good sense of what could help without going too far.

The bright side of that is: spring is coming. In less than a month, we'll shift the clocks and there will be daylight after my wife gets home from work. After all, I already wake up in the dark. And my routine makes it difficult to do anything out of the house before about 8:00 by the time my wife gets off to work, so early morning sun is mostly wasted. Sunrise is now just before my wife's 7am alarm. And it sets by 5:30pm. When the time change comes, the sun will rise about the time she goes out the door to work, but won't set until after 7pm!

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