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Jan. 19th, 2015 06:32 pm
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Got over to the Y this evening...

Unfortunately, I didn't realize until after I started that my wife wasn't planning to do her class, after all.

So I cut short my walk after a half-mile, but successfully figured out how to use the treadmill and got enough walking to be used to it a bit. Played a bit with slope (since that is something that the area we live in does not produce naturally…very flat land for miles around), and felt how it feels differently. Got enough reminders that I should not look around when I'm walking on the treadmill :-) But none that ended up with me falling. The only bit of "injury" was when I got back into my wife's car and ran my shin into the dashboard when attempting to seat myself!

But yes, found everything I needed to be able to go in and use the treadmill on my own. And yes, barely a block away, so I can easily walk there and not have to worry about the weird parking lot, so I now have an indoor walking solution. And I feel confident that I can get that part of life back on track. (And maybe, seeing success in that area will help me both to not put too much pressure on myself and to find success in other areas, as well.) 
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