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So the air show was yesterday.

And we had a really good time. We got there early enough to avoid the crowds entering. The VIP section from my wife's job was wonderful. Plenty of room and some free food with a table to eat from. I was prepared with sunglasses and earplugs. It was fairly cloudy so there were adaptations that were required by some of the flyers. That also meant that I wasn't terribly worried about missing the Blue Angels (and, in fact, I saw on the local news this morning that rain arrived and the Blue Angels had to cut their performance short yesterday).

It was also, unusually for me, something I went to without my camera. I considered it, but then decided that I didn't know enough about what it was like to attend an air show, so I couldn't decide what pieces of equipment I would want: Do I bring the SLR, do I bring the video camera? If I bring the SLR, what lens(es) would I want? (And would the limitations of my lenses be a frustration?)

So I decided that I wanted to see what it was like. And I really enjoyed myself. Even though the time there was shorter than I would have liked. It also got me over some of my fears. I know that, with appropriate ear protection, I am not going to have a problem with the noise (though it was a barrier to conversation with other people). I know some of the physical set up there, so that, if for some reason I were going alone or driving separately from my wife (or, you know, wanting to go back with my camera), I would have no trouble doing that. (I like to "test run" and scope out places I haven't been before, but that's not completely possible when dealing with a military base and a special event.)

There was one disappointment that we couldn't really do anything about: it was the closest I've been to a Tim Hortons in the last year, and of course, I didn't have any. (Why are the only two locations reasonably close to me on military bases, where I can't get them! *grin*)

But the day was good, and I have now attended my first air show.

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