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My walking had almost completely stopped in the roughly one-month period where my Fitbit was lost. I was stubborn, partly because their customer support strung me along for a while with the promise of unspecified help, and then finally dropped the fact that they'd consider a replacement, but for them to do that, I would have to send them a copy of my receipt which, since I'd bought it back in April, I no longer had.

I was also a little stubborn and a little indecisive. Stubborn because I felt I should be able to continue in spite of the loss of the Fitbit. It wasn't doing the walking, only counting the steps. It wasn't choosing what I ate, and even without the device, I could still use the web site to keep track of what I ate. And, to be fair, I did fairly well without it. But without that reminder of my goals and my progress (or lack thereof) towards them, it was all too easy to sabotage my progress with "it's just one meal" or "it's just one day" and get to the end of a week and find that I'd probably "been bad" with food more often than I'd been good...and I'd not gotten any real exercise in either.

I was also indecisive, because I kept hoping that I would find another solution that would work for me. I kind of resented paying another $100 to replace something that was so small and that I'd already lost once. But I'm not thrilled with wearing anything around my wrist, and none of the options I looked at seemed to wow me in terms of features. So eventually, I went back to the Fitbit One that clips to my pocket and which had done so well for me before.

Yesterday, I finished a long-desired accomplishment. I crossed the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge on foot. The bridge itself is about a mile long, and with significant elevation change to be tall enough to end up 169 feet above the river (so that, unlike most other crossings of this river, it does not have to open to allow tall river traffic to pass through). But there is no good place to park nearby that I am aware of, especially since I am not confident enough to parallel park in most cases. (There is a park at one end of the bridge, but it is in the midst of a several-month closure to upgrade the park and its facilities, so its parking lot is unavailable.)

I figured out the transit route to let me off near...nearish to the bridge. (It was actually about a mile away.) And then...there was the how to get home question. There was another bus stop about a mile after the bridge...but with hourly service, and the fact that I'd just sweated my way up and down a bridge, I didn't feel like looking up its route and seeing whether it was close in time or not. I just kept walking.

By the time I reached home, I had walked 4.9 miles in just over 86 minutes. For the first time ever with the Fitbit, I walked more than 10,000 steps in a day, ending up at 14,630 for the day.

I am paying for it, though. I was OK while I was walking (except for really needing to be done), but my foot bothered me after I stopped and I felt about 85-years-old last night, walking from my wife's car to the restaurant (though part of that was that the passenger seat had been moved up and I didn't realize it yet, so I was cramped for the drive there).

I need to keep the active up. I need to figure out how to take advantage of our Y membership and see if cycling will work for me. I used to love it back home, but I don't want to put the money into getting started again, if it's not going to work...and my body is several years older than it was then and many pounds heavier and I'm just not in the same spot physically that I was then.

Plus, I'd feel a little safer on a bicycle than in some other methods of exercise. I love exploring when I walk or bike...and on bicycle, it is easier to get oneself out of a situation quickly, if one becomes uneasy. (In a neighborhood about a mile from home yesterday, I passed a dog on a lawn and had a bit of anxiety about what my options would be if it started to follow me, especially because I didn't see an owner around...though that may have been because I didn't want to look too much at the dog for fear of interesting it in me.)

Anyway, today is Wednesday. It's rehearsal day, so there's that to navigate. Maybe I should have done the walk on a day when I didn't have to work the next day, but I had put it off so many times in the months since the bridge opened that I didn't want to add any more reasons not to do it.

P.S. If you're seeing this and haven't seen the friends-only posts I've posted here in the past few months, please log in and check them out over at outofwater.dreamwidth.org and if you don't have access, send me a message and I'll see about getting you access.

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