Sep. 26th, 2017

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I am not that great about having just the right place for things (and especially about returning those things to that place once I've used them). But today, that sort of thing worked out perfectly for me.

As you probably recall, three months ago, I was in a rollover accident. I was wonderfully fortunate to literally walk away from that accident (since it was just over a block from where we then lived, I literally walked home once I was no longer needed on the scene). But one of the casualties of that accident was the eyeglasses I was wearing. In all the tumbling, they went missing and were never found.

Replacement was a multi-step process: we returned to the America's Best for their deals where an eye exam and two pairs of the glasses are almost as cheap as the eye exam many places. But, for that good place, your glasses are sent to a lab and come back in a week or two. But my eyesight is bad enough that that delay was too long to wait (especially with preparations for our move). So, we took the prescription from that eye exam, and went immediately to the LensCrafters to get a pair of glasses made in an hour. So, I went home that night with a pair of glasses I could wear.

It might have been moving day itself when we got the call from America's Best that the glasses we'd bought from them were available for pick-up. (Even better, their location is only about a mile from our new apartment.) So, I tried them on in the store, and I preferred the LensCrafters glasses (you get what you pay for?) But the two pairs of glasses from them are about the same quality as those I wore before the accident, so perfectly usable. And they have sat, in their bag, on a shelf of a small end table.

Fast forward to this morning. I got out of bed earlier than I would prefer after some annoying dreams, but continued resting on the love seat for a few hours. When I finally felt ready to start waking up, I could not find my eyeglasses. Still pre-dawn, I turned on the lamp, stood up and felt around the cushion, checked the table beside me: no glasses. I thought "well, maybe I was so asleep that I didn't bring them with me," and felt around the bedside table. No dice. I also checked on the vanity in the bathroom.

Often, it would be at this point that I would start getting really frustrated by my inability to find something that shouldn't be too far away. But, I knew where that bag was. I pulled out one of those pairs: I could see! Once I could see properly, I found it (on a different shelf than I expected) very quickly. (And, having benefited from knowing the location of the spare eyeglasses, I returned that pair to its case and the bag to its now-usual place on the end table shelf, where it will be handy next time I need them.)

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