May. 19th, 2017

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So last night was wonderful.

We made our stop for BBQ. Managed to eat it without making a mess of myself (though I was smart enough to change the sandwich I ordered to avoid that risk). And though traffic was heavy and there was a huge slowdown going from one Interstate to another, we had plenty of time. We stopped at a pharmacy because H was worried about walking, so wanted to buy a cane. Then, we went in search of parking. And succeeded: H had previously noticed a number of times a VERY small garage just across the street from the Sandler Center with ONLY handicap spaces. There may only have been one spot available when we got there, but that made the walking situation VERY simple.

Because we were so early, we went next door to the hotel lobby to sit for about a half-hour until it was closer to showtime, and then crossed the street for the show.

I believe this was only the second time that the two of us had seen a ticketed performance there: we had seen a flute concert from the nosebleed seats (I believe it may have been the last row of the balcony) shortly after it opened, when I was a visitor still living in Canada. H has been there once or twice with her kids, and we are almost always there on Dec 23rd for the Singalong Messiah.

But last night, we were there for a taping of NPR's Ask Me Another. And it was a great, fun night. They had "the regulars" (which was refreshing, because the last couple of shows I'd heard had had some guests filling in). It was fun to see how smoothly the taping went. I'll look forward to hearing it in a few weeks when it airs on radio (and arrives in my podcast feed). They found some good contestants with good senses of humor, who got a couple of lines in that made the radio people laugh. They threw in the obligatory local references.

I was also surprised at how smoothly things went. Everything flowed really well, even the little things like the bits of music to cover up the time technical people spend adjusting microphone heights and positions as different people came on stage. And the "pickups" (where they re-recorded the lines they flubbed or otherwise needed for the show) were also surprisingly organized and quick.

We managed to choose a good route out of the theater (important, because our seats were well in the front, so it would have taken forever to make our way back up the aisle if we hadn't slipped to the side). The "worst" part of the night? The McDonald's drive-thru. We had had REALLY good experiences at that location since it was renovated, but…last night it took so long, we probably could have driven the 10 miles home and gotten something to drink quicker than waiting in that line.

We both had a bit of a time getting ourselves ready for bed, because it had been so fun and exciting. But we each slept well once we finally started sleeping.

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