Jul. 4th, 2015

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I stayed in bed quite late for me. I think it was after 5am when I got out of bed. That almost never happens!

I don't have the 4th of July feeling today, which is unusual. Because I always enjoyed the day, even when I was living in Canada and watching the concerts (oh yes, and fireworks) on TV. Some of that is that yesterday was a do-nothing day, and I really hope that today is not more of the same. The idea of a movie was brought up. I don't feel confident that that will happen, though. (Even though we have Groupon passes that we've been sitting on for three years now. And yes, they do not expire, we just have to actually use them.) 

Then, around 7 o'clock, the power blinked off and on a couple of times. Short enough that there were things that turned off and things that didn't the first couple of blinks. The last one seemed to take down almost everything (though I did notice that the alarm clock stayed on). That caused me to lose a game on the computer about two moves from the end of a level.

I'm not sure if a walk will happen today. Chances of rain all day. Tough to know if that will turn into anything or not. It didn't seem to yesterday where we were, but sounds like there were some elsewhere in the area. And there's F1 qualifying this morning that I'll watch.

On the plus side, this morning's scale number was smaller. Which is nice, because often when I cross a goal, it seems like it goes up again before it goes down. It is funny how that happened, though. We decided to go to Panera for dinner last night, so I only had a yogurt for lunch, because I wanted to leave enough calorie room for a shortbread cookie. (I love it, but it is a whole lot of calories!) So I had that in mind, and I saw them in the display when we walked in. And then, I got sidetracked remembering what items I intended to order for my meal. And so I ordered, and we got our drinks and sat down. And it was a while later (I can't remember if it was waiting for our food to be brought to our table or after eating most of my meal) when I remembered that I had not ordered the shortbread.

I did end up "compensating" somewhat by having a bit of gelato when we got home, but I think it was only about half the calories of the cookie I inadvertantly passed up.

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