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So... last night as I was preparing to go to work, I was putting a few things in a laundry hamper...and ended up tripping over a slipper/shoe on the floor...my toe just caught it and I don't know whether I tried to shake it off my foot or what, but whatever happened certainly caused pain up near my hip. It was in the "when I do this, it hurts" category, but when it hurts? *shudder* But what was causing the pain? I'm not exactly sure, but on the way to work, it was clear what one thing was that hurt? Moving my foot from the accelerator to the brake. (At this point, I'm quite glad I live only a half-mile from the church.)

I have also been alternating keyboard vs organ at our midweek service, so I used the keyboard last night, so I wouldn't risk causing myself pain with every note.

Last night, I took an ibuprofen just before bed, because another thing that seemed to spark the pain, lifting that leg to step up to the next stair, so after that happened, I kept that leg mostly straight, and led each stair with the left leg (which is an awkward way to go up stairs: move left leg up, move right leg even, move left leg up, move right leg even...)

Good day on the scale...the same number twice in a row, but it's so much lower than previous days that I wonder whether, because of the leg thing, I am standing in a way that throws off the reading. So we'll record it today, and try not to be surprised if tomorrow's reading is closer to yesterday's than today's. But I also know that it sometimes seems to happen in large jumps...that's why I try to concentrate on the trendline instead of the day-to-day fluctuations.

So I will probably spend some time watching the Commonwealth Games from Glasgow today. (Live streaming on YouTube) Right now, they're showing a badminton game between Scotland and Seychelles...or were, because Scotland just won.

Hopefully later I can get some walking in, even if it's just around the block. We'll see what happens when I go get myself some breakfast. Because I expect further ibuprofen to be required.

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