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So the notebooks arrived yesterday, which prompted me to find pens and to wonder about better pens. Or maybe "better." So i went out and bought some pens at Target on my way to pick H up from work.

It was an OK trip. I found that Target's mobile web site will tell you which aisle number the product you are looking at is in the store you have selected. So I knew that the pens I wanted were in aisle B14, for example. That made the trip a very quick in-and-out…even with the delay to realize that somebody had overlaid a package of a similar pen on top of the packages of one of the pens I wanted.

So I found everything quickly, and found that this Target has self-checkout (which I tend to prefer, because I don't have to hand my debit card with the "wrong" name on it to a cashier)…and that went well, except that I tried to pay by debit and it took three times before I used the right combination of card and PIN. (I have debit cards with two different credit unions: and I mixed up which PIN went with which card.)

The notebooks? Are mostly what I expected. The binding is such that it is nice for storage and reading, but I am not sure what I feel about it for writing. But it is fitting the bill as something that is special enough to enjoy using it, but not too special that I fear using it.

That said, I have mostly only done some set-up things. And I am getting nervous about getting started with using it usefully. But I hope to get the ball rolling on that today. Because it's mostly a Just Do It situation. It is good that I have made a few mistakes. Misspellings and a number in the wrong box…easily fixed mistakes, but enough to shatter the illusion that it can (or should be) perfect. 

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